Food Packaging Materials

We could provide multifarious takeaway food packaging materials for customers to purchase.

Disposable food containers, paper cups, single-use cutlery, drinking straws, baking paper, disposable aprons, and more, we can quote for any items you need on request.

Also, we can customize the package based on your order, such as printing, processing, or changing the specification.


The Unique shape and functionality only come from Chinese style handmade
We can provide many design that machine cannot handle, then apply the Japanese style manage system to made the best quality products.
From the regular box, to the seasonal special design (e.g. Christmas, Halloween), we can fulfill all kind of request, give you ‘more impact’ and ‘Branding’ product.


Children pictures book

It is very important for the experience and know-how of producing children book.
Safety of material specification is required for the children book from 0 years old. In addition, contrivance is essential to attract children to be interested in children books.

Except from children book which made by paper, we got many experiences of making cloth book, fluffy children books, or even made by EVA material and unusual materials.

Besides, there are many requests for children book that could enjoy tactile sense, listening, pop-up, flaps, sounds which is with various mechanisms. If you are interested in pop-up gimmicks children books, we could also provide die-cut design idea by professional designer.

Greeting Cards

While inquiring about customer’s images, we make white dummies by considering texture and thickness of paper, the smoothness of movement etc., not only base on basic data or samples we have, but also the experiences.
It is also very effective as a promotional material attached to customers’ products. We can make products with customers with technology accumulated by years’ long production experience.

Production of special processing paper

Special processed paper required for varies food packaging materials and food containers to packaging materials.
We develop functions tailored to customer needs as well as sanitation and quality management
By doing so, we are proposing the most suitable special processed paper.

Novelty gifts

We could provide different material of novelty gift like paper, fabric or felt.
Besides of regular item like calendar, plush doll, we could also provide product that is cute and warm such as container which made by felt or paper toys. Please feel free to contact us.

Paper tube production

As its name, Paper tube is a tube made from paper. The material of Paper tube is the paper which is specially make for roll, support or wrap. As its versatility, paper tube is become necessary in different industries.
Moreover, in Japan the paper tube will be collected from customers by paper maker after used, and then turn it into paper pipe again. Basically the paper tube will become an endless recycle product and contribute to environmental protection.
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