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Let me show you our service

Production Result

Let me show you our production result

Speedy Response

We can make a white dummy in a short period to help you complete your imagination smoothly.

Design Proposal

We can put our experience of paper to help you design the specification that has same quality with design company.

Total Production

We can provide suggestion upon your request by different kinds of package, greeting card, catalog, pamphlet, baking paper and more.

Daishowa’s History

Daishowa Group, which has established numerous factories and companies from 1940. And Daishowa Paper Products & Packaging (H.K.) Co., Ltd was born in 1993. Let us show you the history of Daishowa’s group.

From plastic to paper age

Plastic Trash Problems
The current state of plastic product

Issue that occurring due to polyester product


Granular substances, which is a plastic, added to personal care products such as facial cleansers, shower gels and toothpastes for cleansing. There are plastic pellet makes you feel clean, but the raw material for making these plastic pellets is “polyethylene”, which is also the raw material of the plastic bags. Since the current water purification system cannot remove these particles, most of the plastic particles will flow into the river or the sea.


Plastic cannot be decomposed naturally, but becomes tiny pieces or powder and formed a chemical called “environmental hormones” then absorbed into human’s body by marine organisms.

Founded in Japan
Founded in Hong Kong
Annual production quantity of paper bags
0 Billion
Market share in Japan
0 %
1stop From proposal to production
0 Stop
Annual production quantity in HK
0 Million

Our company information

Daishowa Paper has been being helpful and providing support to help your business even in Hong Kong.