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Introduction for Paper Tube

What is paper tube

As its name, Paper tube is a tube made from paper. The material of Paper tube is the paper which is specially make for roll, support or wrap. As its versatility, paper tube is become necessary in different industries. Moreover, the paper tube will be collected from customers by paper maker after used, and then turn it into paper pipe again. Basically the paper tube will become an endless recycle product and contribute to environmental protection.

Type of paper tube

General paper tube

A tube made from 100% recycled paper which uses waste paper as raw material is called general paper tube. It mainly use a winding core (axis) for wrapping paper. Customer can choose either a type with a metal fitting called mouth ring or a type without mouth ring at both ends of the paper tube. It can be reused (recycled) as a recycled paper tube by recovering and processing it after use. Paper tube is an eco-product that can be returned to raw paper as waste paper.

Purpose examples

Newspaper, printing and publishing paper, information processing paper, wrapping paper, Glass Interleaving paper, wallpaper, paperboard, liner board.

Strengthening paper tube

With the experience and technical capability built up since our foundation, We have supplied high-quality paper tubes stably and trust and achievements were accumulated. A strengthening paper tube is developed for a winding core of raw paper which is heavy and requires durability. During manufacturing, materials and adhesives were examined and improved many times to become a monster-class paper tube which can deal with high-speed rotary presses which required strict standards and strength’s where strict standards and strength are required. (Patent pending)

Purpose examples

Newspaper with weight 1 ton or more, wallpaper raw paper, etc

Special paper tube

It is possible to make a special paper tube in order to meet special requirement which is for the use of a dedicated raw paper correspondingly. It can be fit special requests from small lot. Longer than 10m paper tube can also be used for different purposes, such as poster, protection case for drafting paper of other cylindrical plastic products, jigs for release paper such as tapes, stylish shelves, shelter partition, and feet of a Temporary bed, etc. (Build-to-order manufacturing)

Purpose examples

Duct tape, drug bag, Chupac paper pipe, Protective tube, Reel drum, simple pallet, shelves, shelter partition (in case of disaster)

Production situation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

We provide one-stop service from proposal to delivery.
Since products are produced at appropriate experienced factories, products are beautifully made even in mass production.

We produce boxes, paper bags, pop-up books, greeting cards, packaging paper, calendars etc. We are a “paper solution company” which is good at printing and processing. In addition, we make cans, felt containers and dolls.
We will create free white dummies, then clients can confirm what the materials used, or how the products really look like while proceeding. Even if you have no ideas of the products, our experienced Japanese designers can propose varies designs unless you tell us the image of the products.

Based on the production management experience in Japan, our Japanese representatives and Hong Kong staffs undergo inspection at every point of production such as printing, mass production, pre-shipment inspection etc. Regarding products with large quantity, we keep doing guidance to workers and unannounced inspection. And we continue our efforts to make customers’ products beautiful without mistakes.

Since “papers” are used no matter what kind of enterprises they are, we have connection with clients from varies industries.
For examples, western & Japanese sweets, fast food, publishers, characters & stationeries, food related companies, medical and sanitary materials, machines, IT companies, etc. Please contact for further details.

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