Production of Special Processing Paper

For those who would like to produce paper with special coating

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Let us introduce our strength that may not be found in other company.

Is it possible to make …?

We can deal with any types of coating papers.

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We will produce with high quality with Japanese level

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Papers with special functions such as moisture proof, waterproof, heat resistant, oil resistant etc. We develop and offer special processed paper / functional material which suit for your needs.

Special processed paper required for varies food packaging materials and food containers to packaging materials.

We develop functions tailored to customer needs as well as sanitation and quality management.

By doing so, we are proposing the most suitable special processed paper.

Handle primary containers of food with thorough hygiene control

We manufacture not only “secondary containers” such as packaging materials that foods do not touch directly, but also “primary containers” where foods come into direct contact.

While familiar with the Food Sanitation Act, we conduct research and development on choosing raw materials of paper and special functions processing.In addition to thorough measures against insect and sanitary considerations, we are also putting effort into employee education to raise hygiene awareness.

Main products

We introduce the main types of products

Silicone coated paper (Marubishi Separator)

Using high density moisture resistant glassine with great moisture resistance paper, silicon processing is applied. We added printing to prevent mistakes on the front and back.

[Configuration] paper + silicone + printing

Silicone coated paper (baking paper)

With special silicone processing, you can easily peels off the paper without oil on it. It is moisture permeable and breathability is good, and since the heat equally rotates in the oven, it helps baking evenly.

[Configuration] paper + silicone

Silicone coated paper (color glassine)

It has coloring applied to glassine on silicone-coated translucent thin paper, and it is easy to use even for customized wrapping.

[Configuration] paper + silicone + printing

Silicone coated paper (steamed bun paper)

Silicone coating is applied to the surface, and it is a steamer paper with excellent heat resistance and easily peel off. It is highly evaluated that steaming is good and the buns are difficult to stick.

[Configuration] paper + pattern silicone

Waxing paper(WAX coat) (wax paper)

Wax paper (paraffin paper) with excellent oil resistance and water resistance is used for cake underlay, bread and donut wrapping, wrapping for sweets and so on.

[Configuration] paper + wax (WAX)

Poly-laminated paper (extrusion processing) (paper cup raw paper)

Besides paper cups, it is used as a base paper for ice cream cups and instant foods (such as cup noodle containers).

[Configuration] paper + PE

Poly-laminated paper (extrusion processed) (pure white PET)

Heat resistant / water resistant paper for foods with poly laminated paper and PET film. We use it as paper for products such as side dish cup of food etc.

[Configuration] paper + PE + PET

Poly-laminated paper (extrusion processing) (wrap)

Wrap that is used as printing paper or paper for packaging materials during transportation. With customization it is possible to apply packaging that considers moisture resistance, durability, etc. [Configuration] paper + PE

Poly-laminated paper (extrusion processing) (polymeric sand )

It is a processed paper sandwiching polyethylene between two sheets of paper. It is used not only for packaging or envelope, but also for packaging paper as well as for cushion paper and food related use.

[Configuration] paper + PE + paper

Paper cup

We also make water resistant paper which is used in the manufacture of paper cups. You can customize according to your desire from choosing the best suited paper to adding the water resistant function.

Side dishes cup

It is a side dish cup made of paper laminated on the surface. It is strong and difficult to collapse, and it can be put in a microwave oven, making it a necessity for children’s lunch box.

Wax paper

D • RAP is excellent in oil resistance and water resistance, and is best suited for wrapping cake flooring, bread and donut wrapping, sweets and so on.

Ready-made items: 1,000 sheets / box

Unique strengths of Daishowa

Experienced professional "Daishowa" will back up cooperation.

Unsung hero

We are producing items that we have many opportunities to use and in need of in daily life such as wax paper used when steaming buns, baking papers, paper cups, etc.


Since products are often used for food-related and directly touching foods, we have great concern about contamination and hygiene. And we manufacture products under the environment that considering consumers' safety.

Ease of use

Not only be able to use, but we manufacture products that with fine functionality. Detachability, water resistance, oil resistance etc., we are improving convenience by using paper + α material such as

Service flow

I will explain the flow from inquiry to service provision

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Quality test

We make samples using same material as the product to check the feeling of use.

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Products are produced in Japan quality standards.


Finally, it will be completed and delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

We provide one-stop service from proposal to delivery.
Since products are produced at appropriate experienced factories, products are beautifully made even in mass production.

We produce boxes, paper bags, pop-up books, greeting cards, packaging paper, calendars etc. We are a “paper solution company” which is good at printing and processing. In addition, we make cans, felt containers and dolls.
We will create free white dummies, then clients can confirm what the materials used, or how the products really look like while proceeding. Even if you have no ideas of the products, our experienced Japanese designers can propose varies designs unless you tell us the image of the products.

Based on the production management experience in Japan, our Japanese representatives and Hong Kong staffs undergo inspection at every point of production such as printing, mass production, pre-shipment inspection etc. Regarding products with large quantity, we keep doing guidance to workers and unannounced inspection. And we continue our efforts to make customers’ products beautiful without mistakes.

Since “papers” are used no matter what kind of enterprises they are, we have connection with clients from varies industries.
For examples, western & Japanese sweets, fast food, publishers, characters & stationeries, food related companies, medical and sanitary materials, machines, IT companies, etc. Please contact for further details.

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