Food Packaging Materials

For those who would like to purchase food packaging materials

Do you have these kinds of troubles?

Let us introduce our strength that may not be found in other companies.

Not sure which material is suitable?

Based on your needs, we will propose food containers made of food-grade materials.

Worry about the cost

With strict quality control, we promise to provide the best price and products.

Want to have a unique package

With years of experience in production of paper products, we can provide different design and processing ideas.

Our Strengths

Strict quality control with reasonable price

In keeping with the high-quality standards of our Japanese HQ, we strictly control the quality of the whole processes and strive to provide a safe and secure food packaging to our clients.
We visit each of our partner factories to ensure that the environmental conditions are in line with our requirements. We aim to provide high quality products at an ideal price.

Knowledge of packaging concepts in different places

Daishowa Paper Products & Packaging ( Hong Kong ) Co. Ltd has been established in Hong Kong since 1993 and our head office in Japan since 1940. We are familiar with food packaging concepts in both Hong Kong and Japan so that we can offer flexible design and packaging proposals.

Main Product

Let us introduce our main product

Paper Cup

Besides the regular hot and cold drinks cups, we also offer embossed cups and double-layered cups, which can be personalized with your logo.

Kraft Paper Container

Available in various sizes of paper bowls and containers. From light meals to main dishes, from hot food to desserts, we can meet the various needs of our clients.

Biodegradable Container

Offers different sizes of containers made from plant-based materials such as corn starch and bagasse. Emboss your brand name or logo with the embossing process.

Order made (OEM)

Looking for the perfect fit for your product size? Want to create packaging that is different from existing products? We are pleased to hear your needs and advise you on the suitable solution.

Other materials

Takeaway cutlery, drinking straws, baking paper, disposable aprons and more, we can quote for any items you need on request.

Paper Bag

Must-use item during take-out the meal.

We offer white or brown kraft paper bag, producing with your requested size and printing.

Production Result

Let me show you our production result

Service flow

I will explain the flow from inquiry to service provision

Contact Us

Please contact us by “inquiry form” or by telephone.

Free suggestion / quotation

We will propose the best plan and quotation


Based on your proposal, we will create a contract.

Start printing

Our staff will take responsibility for print

Initiation of assembly

Products are produced in Japan quality standards.


Finally, it will be completed and delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

We provide one-stop service from proposal to delivery.
Since products are produced at appropriate experienced factories, products are beautifully made even in mass production.

We produce boxes, paper bags, pop-up books, greeting cards, packaging paper, calendars etc. We are a “paper solution company” which is good at printing and processing. In addition, we make cans, felt containers and dolls.
We will create free white dummies, then clients can confirm what the materials used, or how the products really look like while proceeding. Even if you have no ideas of the products, our experienced Japanese designers can propose varies designs unless you tell us the image of the products.

Based on the production management experience in Japan, our Japanese representatives and Hong Kong staffs undergo inspection at every point of production such as printing, mass production, pre-shipment inspection etc. Regarding products with large quantity, we keep doing guidance to workers and unannounced inspection. And we continue our efforts to make customers’ products beautiful without mistakes.

Since “papers” are used no matter what kind of enterprises they are, we have connection with clients from varies industries.
For examples, western & Japanese sweets, fast food, publishers, characters & stationeries, food related companies, medical and sanitary materials, machines, IT companies, etc. Please contact for further details.

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