For those who would like to make package

Do you have these kinds of troubles?

Let us introduce our strength that may not be found in other company.

Hard to find a credible factory?

We can provide you a Japan style high quality product

Is this packaging possible?

We have professional staff to follow up different question.

Hard to express your imagination?

You can use our existed sample for you reference.

We will bring you a whole new idea.

The unique beauty only in China factory

The unique shape and functionality only come from Chinese style handmade.

We can provide many design that machine cannot handle, then apply the Japanese style manage system to made the best quality products.

From the regular box, to the seasonal special design (e.g. Christmas, Halloween), we can fulfill all kind of request, give you ‘more impact’ and ‘Branding’ product.

We can suggest various Design Packaging

Daishowa (H.K.) can handle many kind of packaging. Apart from handbags, delivery bag, square bag, flat bag, window bag, we also handle other material packaging like felt or tinplate.

We also have an experienced design team can help you to create your own design.

Main Product

Let us introduce our main product

Deformation Box

We are strong with production of different finishing. Also we can add many post-process like emboss, spot UV, Hot stamp to make the product more unique.

Mount Box

Other than Display box, we also have the mount box which is consider functional, but not only aim to raise the value of product. How to keep the position of product and perform with the package is our target. Of course the protection of product also included.

General Box

Just one spread and it will set up itself, and the handle can help you carry out everywhere. Also we include simple design.

Different handle bag

We can handle any kind of Paper bag, use lamination emboss, hot stamp to make the bag more gorgeous, turn it into a portable advertising media for your own idea.

General bag

Not only the basic function of square bag (Water resistant, Oil resistant), or add a display window, we can give you many solutions for your Design.

Tin case

Beside of paper, we also provide other materials such as tin plate for those design do not well in paper. Please feel free to contact us for any idea.

Production Result

Let me show you our production result

※These sample has been discontinued

Only in Daishowa

Well-experienced and Professional back up - Daishowa will support you all the time.

SP(Security Police)

We will according to the shape of your product to prepare the most suitable structure for best protection.


Paper bag is a dress for products’ we producing paper bags that can bring you fashion sense from our design.


Packaging is a Dress for Products’ We also focus on Design and Fashionable.

Service flow

I will explain the flow from inquiry to service provision

Contact Us

Please contact us by “inquiry form” or by telephone.

Free suggestion / quotation

We will propose the best plan and quotation


Based on your proposal, we will create a contract.

Start printing

Our staff will take responsibility for print

Initiation of assembly

Products are produced in Japan quality standards.


Finally, it will be completed and delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

We provide one-stop service from proposal to delivery.
Since products are produced at appropriate experienced factories, products are beautifully made even in mass production.

We produce boxes, paper bags, pop-up books, greeting cards, packaging paper, calendars etc. We are a “paper solution company” which is good at printing and processing. In addition, we make cans, felt containers and dolls.
We will create free white dummies, then clients can confirm what the materials used, or how the products really look like while proceeding. Even if you have no ideas of the products, our experienced Japanese designers can propose varies designs unless you tell us the image of the products.

Based on the production management experience in Japan, our Japanese representatives and Hong Kong staffs undergo inspection at every point of production such as printing, mass production, pre-shipment inspection etc. Regarding products with large quantity, we keep doing guidance to workers and unannounced inspection. And we continue our efforts to make customers’ products beautiful without mistakes.

Since “papers” are used no matter what kind of enterprises they are, we have connection with clients from varies industries.
For examples, western & Japanese sweets, fast food, publishers, characters & stationeries, food related companies, medical and sanitary materials, machines, IT companies, etc. Please contact for further details.

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