Director Greeting

“Surprise”,” Beauty”, “Functionality”!

We, Daishowa Paper Products & Packaging (HK) Co., Ltd. established since 1993. Based on the experiences accumulated over the years by our parent company in Japan, as well as a specialist in the paper products industry, we accumulate various experience & technology in production of “packaging materials(such as boxes, paper bags), “children mechanism books”, “handmade greeting cards”.

Although nowadays we can handle more materials like “Cloths”, “Tin Cases”, “Felt Products”, and “Non-woven fabric”, the main theme of Daishowa Group is still “Paper”. Our target is to tell everyone all around the world that how important of “Paper” is as one of the representative cyclic material.

I love sea and usually go to different beaches with my family or fishing with friends. However in recent years I find that there are so many non-biodegrade rubbish beside the sea. Actually there are many beautiful places had been polluted by this kind of rubbish seriously so I will never able to enjoy that.

Although we only can do little thing, we still trying our best to make everyone can be foster in a beautiful earth and get a life of abundance. As we set up in Hong Kong, the Asia financial center, we are continually elevating our manufacturing technique, pursue functionality and quality of our product and services which will delight, surprise & satisfy customers all over the world.

Looking forward to share the pleasure moment of the product creation with our customers!

Director & COO
Sakiguchi Kunihide

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Founded in Hong Kong
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