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Headquarters in Japan

Company NameDaishowa Paper Products Co., Ltd
DirectorRyosuke Saito
AddressHeadquarters: 〒417-8570 61-1 Yodabashi, Fuji, Shizuoka TEL : 0545-32-1500 / FAX : 0545-32-2003
Tokyo Head office: 〒103-0028 17F Yaesu First Financial Building, 1-3-7 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Capital469 Million Yen
Staff610 people (1000 people in whole group)
Business contentManufacture and sales of paper bags and paper product
- Making film & plate of printing matters, printing, binding and sales
- Sales of petrochemical products
- Leasing of bag making machines
- Leasing of real estate
- Life insurance agency business, insurance agency business based on automobile accident insurance law, and life insurance industry
- Sales of raw material of paper making, foreign paper, artboard and tissue paper
- Sales of paper containers, carton box, packaging goods
- Sales of groceries
- Forest plantation project
- All the related business that mentioned above
Available Services- Square bottom paper bag
- Heavy packaging paper bag
- Printing
- Tissue Paper
- Coated paper
- Chemical Bags
- Sales of paper
- Sales of raw material of paper making
- PPC paper process
- Paper Pipe
- Paper Container
- Pictures Books
- Novelty
- Planning and design
- Marketing (Trademark = Summit Bag) Groceries Bag / Handle paper bag / Heat Seal Bag / Industrial Bags / Waste bag for cement, fertilizer, chemicals, salt, sugar, feed, starch, flour, wheat
Offset Printing ,Rotogravure, or other commercial printing (Trademark = FIRST)
Toilet paper, Tissue paper, Towel Paper, Paper Towel, Pocket Tissue,
Poly Laminate, coated paper, pre-print (flexographic printing)
Polyethylene bag for food, groceries or rice
Coated paper, paper card, paper pipe, recycle paper

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