The current state of plastic product

Issue that occurring due to polyester product


Granular substances, which is a plastic, added to personal care products such as facial cleansers, shower gels and toothpastes for cleansing. There are plastic pellet makes you feel clean, but the raw material for making these plastic pellets is "polyethylene", which is also the raw material of the plastic bags. Since the current water purification system cannot remove these particles, most of the plastic particles will flow into the river or the sea.


Plastic cannot be decomposed naturally, but becomes tiny pieces or powder and formed a chemical called "environmental hormones" then absorbed into human’s body by marine organisms.

The sea of Bali, full of rubbish

Bali is an Indonesian island, attracts millions of visitors with coconut trees and a rich marine ecology. However, under the beautiful sea, there is a crisis – a lot of plastic garbage.

As seen in the video taken by British diver - Rich Horner, a diving hotspot next to Bali is filled with plastic and other rubbish, which truly reflects the problems hidden behind this "paradise".

Taiwan and UK planning to totally eliminate plastic

Taiwan is planning a blanket ban on disposable plastic products by 2030

Supermarkets and convenience stores in Taiwan have been banned from distributing free plastic bags. This year, the scheme has also been launched in small shops such as small restaurants or bakeries.

◎UK supermarkets completely abolish plastic products

Iceland Foods, which has over 900 stores across the UK, said it will convert about 1,400 of its own branded products packages from plastic to renewable material such as paper or paper pulp in the next five years.

American consumes 500 million plastic straws every day and people all around the world on average uses above 1 billion plastic straws daily. Therefore, an immeasurable amount of plastic straws will finally flow to the sea.

Since July 1, 2018, Seattle government has banned disposable plastic straws and cutlery (knife / fork / spoon) in all the others food service industries like restaurants and coffee shop.

● Plastic straws have abandoned in Disney's Animal Kingdom

● Coffee shop in America’s aquarium will not provide plastic straws anymore

●  Miami Beach is getting rid of plastic straws in their hotel and restaurant

●  Some restaurants in San Diego has stopped provide plastic straws to customers already

Due to the enormous amount usage of plastic straw, the voices of environmental problem become louder. Therefore, Recycle-paper straws become popular. In this few years, the durability of the paper straws has an extremely enhancement. Many of companies who are participating in “Strawless In Seattle” commonly use the paper straws that can be biodegraded even in the sea and was produced by Aardvark company.

Biodegradable plastic

It is said that it has equivalent plastics that can be discarded after use and decomposed by soil or microorganisms such as seawater, and eventually become water and carbon dioxide, but in reality, this kind of plastic products do not exist.

◎To aim for a sustainable recycling-oriented society

In California, it is legally prohibited that putting words such as “biodegradable” or “compostable” on plastic products.

We are also working on it

As a planning and selling paper goods company, we are working on selling paper goods (paper bags, picture books, paper toys, greeting cards, etc.) which is the representative of recycled materials. The material we using is having FSC certified paper and recycled paper, and using natural origin ink in order to considering of environment. We are keenly interested in problems caused by poly products.


We would like to make efforts on disseminate paper products as long as it is able to maintain and improve the environmental of our earth.

For example, Replace from plastic bags

Strength test for① Unbleached kraft paper ②Waterproof paper with the same thickness

Put 5kg weight and vibrate up and down while spraying mist regularly.

After few minutes later, unbleached kraft paper bag is broken!

Unbleached kraft paper bag is broken!

Waterproof paper bag is flawless!

Although it cannot completely block moisture like plastic bag, but we can carry your goods even on rainy days!

Would you like to try changing “Paper Bags “for our environment?

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